D-Card less Services

With D-Cardless from Doha Bank you can send money instantly to anyone in Qatar via a Doha Bank ATM. No cards are required even if the receiver is not a Doha Bank customer.

D-Cardless withdrawal facility is an excellent local money transfer service available on Doha Bank’s online and mobile banking that gives our customer the convenience and freedom to send money to any beneficiary in Qatar. The beneficiary could be your spouse, children, taxi driver, electrician… anyone!

All you need to know is the mobile number of the person you are sending money to within Qatar. You can initiate the transaction through online or mobile banking and your beneficiary (recipient) can withdraw the cash you want to give them through any of the Doha Bank ATMs spread across the country.

So how does it work?

  • Log in to Online or Mobile Banking.
  • Click on D-Cardless Withdrawal service available under Transfers.
  • Add beneficiary or select the beneficiary from the list of registered beneficiaries.
  • Enter the amount you wish to transfer.
  • Upon successful transaction, you will receive an SMS from Doha Bank that will contain a 12 digit RRN (Request Reference Number) while your beneficiary will be receiving a 4 digit PIN.
  • You need to convey / provide the 12 digit RRN to your beneficiary.
  • Your beneficiary needs to input mobile number + RRN + PIN for withdrawing the cash from any Doha Bank ATM. No card is required.


  • Instant money transfer.
  • Secure transfer requiring PIN and RRN number.
  • No ATM card required to withdraw cash.
  • D-Cardless withdrawal is available on all Doha Bank ATMs
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Cardless Withdrawal – DB Online Banking


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